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The Project exists to lead, move, and inspire. We help you create the best years of your health by sharing advice and interviews on well-being with a worldly network of health and wellness experts. Each host and guest comes from wildly different backgrounds giving listeners a well-rounded perspective on the state of the health and wellness industry. Join the conversation as we sift through and simplify the health information that's causing you pain.Meet Mahdi! He's a proud, baseball-obsessed Kuwaiti father that sticks up for the average Joe and likes to stir the pot of the fitness industry. Mahdi's mission is to make a difference for parents from a holistic perspective as a father and husband. He aims to empower people by providing knowledge to help them take control of their lives and not base it on a diet or a machine. Meet Meg! She's a stress terminator building confidence in populations where the message is the opposite. Using movement, mindfulness, and nutrition Meg helps pull possible out of the impossible. Her wellness journey has taken her to more than 20 countries. Her expertise lies in preparing, mobilizing, and strengthening mind – body connections to preserve and enhance health as you age.Meet Haya! Holds a PHD in strength and smarts!Dr. Dinkha is a professor and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has lived and studied in the United States. She has published various professional papers and made presentations at international conferences. Dr. Dinkha’s research focuses on cultural issues as it relates to human behavior and cognitive restructuring. This includes such factors as identity, depression, violence prevention, discrimination, motivation, and satisfaction with students, laborers and domestic workers.

Psyched with Dr. D: Handling Negative Emotions “ being cathartic” And Tips on How to Quit Smoking

Jan 28, 2020


Guide to Electromagnetic Frequency and it’s Effects on Your Energy, Health and Sleep with Cathy Cooke

Jan 26, 2020


Psyched with Dr. D: Toxic Family Members! My Story - A True Story About Emotional and asexual Abuse

Jan 21, 2020


Marcus Filly: 6x CrossFit Games Competitor to Entrepreneur, Building A Better You Through Functional Bodybuilding And Advanced Movement

Jan 19, 2020


Psyched with Dr D: Conflict Resolution 101: How to Resolve Conflict Before it Affects your Emotional Well-being

Jan 14, 2020


Key Steps to Developing Pro-Athletes with Pro-Coach Paul Reddick: Building the Four Pillars of Performance, the Value of Good Genetics, and the Importance of Prehab and Rehab

Jan 12, 2020


Psyched with Dr D : Avoiding Scams and Coaches Who Trick You

Jan 07, 2020


2020 Predictions: The Death of CrossFit, Backpain Causes and Potential Relief, Bicep Tendinitis, Protein Farts and Supplements and The Rise of KSA Sports Events

Jan 05, 2020


The Project Team LIVE at AUK: Listen to Mahdi, Meg, Haya, Dr. D, Rob, and Eli discuss how the project started, workouts for beginners, nutrition, motivation and more!

Dec 29, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Self-Handicapping and How to Overcome Failure and Gain Confidence

Dec 24, 2019


Polish Strong With Bron Discussing: The Secret to Polish Strength and Condition

Dec 22, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Abolish 153, violence against women, and the steps being taken to reform legislature

Dec 17, 2019


Dan Mason: Tips and Tricks! The Fast Track on How to Become a Powerlifting Strongman

Dec 15, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Intimacy Does it Mean Sex, Love or Lust ? Can You be Intimate Without Being Sexual

Dec 10, 2019


How Much is Too Much! Dr.Vera and Meg Discuss: The Effects of Caffeine on Your Body, Carbohydrates, and Sleep!

Dec 08, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Gender Expectations Khalid Hadeed " Cracking The Mold"

Dec 03, 2019


Why Kuwaiti CrossFit Sucks, The Battle of the East , the Powerlifting Community, and Play “What Would You Rather?” (One of Mahdi’s famous rants included)

Dec 01, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: ( With Haya ) Why Suppressing Your Emotions Could be Bad for You

Nov 26, 2019


New Rules to Pro-BodyBuilder Douglas Leandro Discusses: Steps to Competing in Bodybuilding and Developing Lagging Muscle Group

Nov 24, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Steps to Your First Psychology Session

Nov 19, 2019


How to Use Biofeedback and Neurofeedback with Functionised: How to Improve Performance with Heart Rate Variability Training, What can Audio Visual Entrainment do for Better Performance?

Nov 17, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Burnout, Self-love, and Steps to Overcome Mini Funks

Nov 13, 2019


بور لفتنق مع كابتن أبو عباس

Nov 10, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Frank Belonus Discusses: PTSD and it’s Impacts, Leadership, Artificial intelligence, Cults and the Similarities to Terrorism

Nov 05, 2019


Eliminate Pain with Better Movement! With Ruben Garcia (rmotioncoach) and Fatima Juma Discuss:The Importance of Feet and Shoes, Movement and Motion, Physical Therapy and How to Start and End Your Day Washing off the Bad Karma

Nov 03, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Majda Al Sabah Founder of ASAP Initiative for Mental Health

Oct 29, 2019


Olympian and Local Hero Danah Al Nasrallah Discusses Her Story, Running Career, Training, and Overcoming the Odds as a Young Olympian

Oct 27, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Narcissism, Parenting and Empathy

Oct 22, 2019


The Latest on Battle of the East With Omar Al Sharhan: Winners, Losers, Up and Coming Stars, and Sports programs for Kids

Oct 20, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Steps on How to Get Over Fear and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Oct 15, 2019


How to Prepare for Your First Power Meet With Tom, Malaak and Haya Discussing: Tapering, nutrition, programming and Keys to Success

Oct 13, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Discussion with Larson on Adolescent Psychology! First Steps to Raising a Teenager, Parenting Do’s and Don’ts

Oct 08, 2019


James Wright of Alioth Discusses: Secretes to Sustaining a Gym in a Flat Market, First Steps to Olympic Weightlifting, Battle of The East, Managing a Gym and Coaching in Kuwait vs Abroad

Oct 06, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Dr.Vera Tarman Author of Food Junkies is a World Renown Food Addiction Expert

Oct 01, 2019


3x CrossFit Games Athlete Mikko Aronpaa Discusses his Experience as a High-performing Athlete, Training After 30, Recovery, Breaking Plateaus at an Older Age, and What it Takes to be the Best.

Sep 29, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Porn, Sex, Affairs, Love, and Relationships; How to tell if Your Lover is Cheating

Sep 24, 2019


دردشتنا عن الكروسفت والاندية بالكويت مع علي شكر Chatting Gyms, People and Kuwait With Ali Chokr

Sep 22, 2019


علم نفس الجراحة التجميلية مع الدكتور حسام بدوي -------------------Psyched With Dr. D:The Psychology of Plastic Surgery With Dr. Houssam Badawi

Sep 17, 2019


Movement and Physiotherapist Jarret Cocks & Maxine Heard Discuss Movement Therapy, Physical Therapy, Myofascial Release, Muscle Priming, Shoulder Pain and Hypermobility

Sep 15, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Life Coaching with Lina Kamal on the Ins and Outs of what you Should be Looking for in a Life Coach

Sep 10, 2019


This is Jassem

Sep 08, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Psyched with Dr. D: Toxic People, Relationships, Environment and Methods to Overcome them!

Sep 03, 2019


This is Saja :World Class Athlete, Ranked 53rd Globally Amongst Teens, 6th in Egypt, Teen Phenome Talks about How She is Becoming the Best in her Field

Sep 01, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D: Mental Health in Kuwait VS the USA, Psychology and Psychiatry, CBD, Medical Marijuana, Ethics and Integrity, and How to Spot a Scam.

Aug 27, 2019


الكابتن رائد الحماد يتكلم عن (الخطة التدريبية، الألعاب الرياضية في الكروس فت، التزام الشخص بالتمارين الرياضية, الاهتمام بالرياضة في الدول العربية ، كيف تبدأ وتتهيأ للتدريب، كيفية تخفيف آلام الظهر بالتمارين ، ضرورة ممارسة المرأة تمارين الحديد

Aug 25, 2019


Psyched With Dr. D: How to Make Relocating Less Stressful

Aug 20, 2019


Jonathan Mills Creator of Rehab Revolution Discusses Accredited Certifications Within The Fitness Industry, Accrediting Bodies, The Weekend Trainers, Training With Integrity and How to Spot a Scam of a Program

Aug 18, 2019


Psyched With Dr. D: Vacations Do We Need Them and How We Should Treat Them!

Aug 13, 2019


Haya, Meg and Mahdi Discuss: What Your Back Pain Might Be Telling You and Ways to Relieve it and Specific Stretches That Can Aid You in Your Everyday Life

Aug 10, 2019


Psyched With Dr. D: Emotional Wounds and How to Overcome Them!

Aug 06, 2019


The Latest from Meg, Haya and Mahdi on who is a "Goldner", Powerlifting steps to Competing, Women's Strength, Differences of clients in Kuwait and the US, New Goals and Getting the Mechanics of Workouts Before Attempting New Moments

Aug 04, 2019


Psyched With Dr. D : Become a Better you, Reprogram Your Mind, Develop New Habits, Create Meaningful Relationships And Become a Better You

Jul 30, 2019


A Conversation with Project Superfan Eelya on Coaching and A Healthy Lifestyle, The Younger Generation, Aiming for a Certain Body Goal, How to Get Abs and Tracking Food

Jul 27, 2019


Psyched With Dr. D : Identity Challenge, Crisis or Just Plain Confused? We Discuss Self Discovery, Affiliation with One's Culture and True belonging

Jul 23, 2019


Becoming an Elite Athlete with Jassem and Kathrine: What It's Like to Be An Endurance Athlete. Recovery, Training and Online Resources to Improve your Overall Fitness

Jul 21, 2019


Psyched With Dr. D : Victimization and Dealing with Negative People, Keys to Avoiding and Preventing Negativity in Your Environment With Negative People.

Jul 16, 2019


Abdullah Al Askari on: How to Start a Gym and What to Expect When Venturing into Entrepreneurship, Pitfalls of New Gym Owners, Lets Open a Gym Trend, Regulation of the Training Industry, Ideal Gym Experience

Jul 13, 2019


Psyched with Dr. D : Braking down the fairness of life love and happiness in “ Is life fair "

Jul 08, 2019


هاجر جمال بطلة كويتية ومبدعه في "الكروس فت" ورفع الاثقال تتكلم عن ممارسة المرأة في مجال الرياضه (English/Arabic Episode) Kuwait’s CrossFit Champion, Hajar Jamal Discusses: Being a Female Athlete in Kuwait, Achieving Goals and Becoming the Best at

Jul 06, 2019


Dr. Juliet Dinkha: Freud, PTSD and LSD, Technology Detox, Cyberbullying, Social Media, Social Masks and Body Image

Jul 01, 2019


#1 Fitness Podcast Co-Host Adam Schafer of MindPump: Discusses, The Fitness Industry, Creating a Scalable Business Model, Social Influencers ROI or Bust , Kuwait Mecca of Bodybuilding,“the next big thing”, Group Training, Crossfit and Orange Theory

Jun 23, 2019


Free 1 Month! Project GIVEAWAY - local and international

Jun 21, 2019


Secretes to Recovery Reece Dunn Discusses Breathing, Movement, The Meaning of “Chi", Ice Baths Sauna for Recovery, Tension Relief, Self Expression and finding a State of Flow

Jun 16, 2019


Top Programming Mistakes: No Gimmicks No Magic Pill Rob Schillaci Weighs in on the Top 5 Programming Mistakes for Seasoned Athletes and Newcomers, Nutrition and Setting New Habits for Weight Loss and Strength Gains

Jun 08, 2019


Local Kuwaiti Hero and Rising Star Fahad Al Jarallah Breaks Down the 100 Burpee Challenge, Transitioning from Athlete to Coach, and Kuwaits' Chances to Becoming a CrossFit Powerhouse

Jun 02, 2019


How US Ambassador Lawrence Silverman Manages His Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

May 25, 2019


Eating for Performance and Weight Loss with Two Nutritionists, Lulwa AlArmali and Nasser Alawadh on Kuwaiti Food, Macros, Instagram Credibility of Nutritionists.

May 17, 2019


Entrepreneur and Fitness Guru Abdullah Al-Askari Discuss Fitness and Health-Related Businesses, Start-Up Cost of Gyms, Copycat Business Models, and The Future of Trainers and Gym Owners in Kuwait

May 10, 2019


Mahdi, Meg, and Liam Discuss The Keys to Ramadan & Intermittent Fasting : A Starting Point for Mindfulness, Discipline, Weight Loss and Muscle Growth

May 03, 2019


Heart Surgeon Dr. Mohammed Albanna Discusses lifestyle, Potential side effects of E-cigarettes , Heart Disease Prevention, Steroids and Blood Vessels blockages, And why exercising could save your life!

Apr 28, 2019


Listener Q&A: Mahdi, Liam, and Meg answer your questions on perking up your chest, losing man boobs, recovery, overtraining, and social responsibility.

Apr 26, 2019


Get a Grip How to Improve Your Arms: Mahdi and Liam Discuss the Key Tips to Building Forearm Strength, the Good and the Bad of Using Straps, and Plus-size Athletes

Apr 20, 2019


Mohammed Ajialabi: Physical Therapist From Bahrain Discusses Breathing, Movement and his MMA Athletes' Therapy and Recovery

Apr 13, 2019


Mahdi and Meg Discuss: What to Expect When Starting a New Workout Routine or Getting Back to the Gym, Listener Q&A, Reviews, Common Misconceptions About Gym life

Apr 07, 2019


Coach Saad Discusses Movement as a Cultural Issue in Kuwait vs France, Back Pain, Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Why 8,000+ steps per day may help you feel better

Apr 04, 2019


Yalla Move Kuwait a Local Event on April 12, Celebrates Diversity in Movement and Showcases Local and Visiting Movement Practitioners in an Exciting Line up of Workshops.

Apr 03, 2019


Lulwa Al Armali The Functional Nutritionist Tells All About Testosterone, Sleep, Fat Loss, Building Muscle and Overall Health

Mar 30, 2019


The Psychology of Eating Disorders with Fatma Al-Qadfan Drama Therapist

Mar 25, 2019


Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation ) and how to Overcome it, Competing and Training for Health, Coaching and Developing Athletes with Haya Al-Sharhan

Mar 17, 2019


البحث عن النجاح من خلال عالم "الكروس فت" مع بدر الخميس Bader Al Khamees Finding Success Through Elite Training (English and Arabic)

Mar 11, 2019


Kuwait Moms Guide and Stop Crying Studios ; How to Get Yourself and Your Kids More Active

Mar 09, 2019


Pilates Expert Catherine Klaffer Breaks Down How Pilates Can Make You a Better Athlete and Enhance your Body and mind

Mar 01, 2019


Kuwaiti Super Star Fahad Al Zaid talks about training, recovery , work ethic and how to be successful in your sport

Feb 23, 2019


029: The Truth About PMS with Lulwa Al Armali "The Functional Nutritionist" Meg and Mahdi

Feb 16, 2019


028:Kuwait Scorpions Rugby Club

Feb 12, 2019


027: Olympian Faye Sultan describes her journey to the Olympics

Feb 10, 2019


026: Secret to gaining serious strength, deadlifts and it’s effects on your hormones, celery juice detox, how to maximize recovery

Feb 06, 2019


025: Hala Mahrous Cancer Survivor Discusses her symptoms, Diagnosis, and her Workouts Before and After her Surgeries

Feb 04, 2019


024: Jennifer Allen Physiotherapist Discusses Importance of Physiotherapy and its Impacts on the Body, Questions you Should Ask a New Physiotherapist, Biomechanics and Body Composition,

Jan 29, 2019


023: Dane Lynch weighs in on Movement Patterns, Calisthenics, Competition Programming, and Kids Training

Jan 24, 2019


022: Coach Fit Marky, From Employee to Own Boss, Franchise gym Work conditions vs Boutique Gym, Keys to Deadlifting, Training and Becoming a Successful Dad

Jan 22, 2019


021: Lulwa Alarmali “The Functional Nutritionist” Impacts of food on body, Gut health and inflammation, Manipulating Glycogen Stores, Cholesterol Precursor to Sex Hormones, Processed Foods

Jan 20, 2019


020: Steroids a Controversial Topic: The use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Elite Sports, Morality and Ethics in sports, The USSR and it unfair advantage, NFL,MLB and Crossfit drug policies

Jan 15, 2019


019: Asmaa Belrhiti - Proud Mom Diaries, Mom of 2 kids with special needs, CrossFitter, and advocate for Autism and Down syndrome

Jan 13, 2019


018: 2019 Predictions for the Health and Fitness Industry, PX90 and Insanity vs CrossFit, Free Workout Resources, Intelligent Trainers and The importance of Accessory work

Jan 09, 2019


017: Rob Schillaci - Fittest Man in Kuwait 2018 Competitive CrossFit vs CrossFit as a Training Program and its Benefits

Jan 06, 2019


016: Haya Al Sharhan - MomFit

Dec 31, 2018


This Week in The News (16-20 Dec) , FSR, Crossfit Q8, DXB, and Kuwaiti Baseball

Dec 20, 2018


Diabetes in Kuwait PT. 2, With Dr. Neil Coffee

Dec 18, 2018


Kuwait’s Silent Killer: Diabetes PT. 1,What is Geo spatial research, Dasman Diabetes Institute

Dec 16, 2018


012: This Week in the News (Dec 5-13)The Burrow, Flare Fitness, Fawzia Sultan, NBK, Dubai Fitness Championships

Dec 13, 2018


Spartan Race Review, Helpful tips and tricks, Train on a budget (DXB,Oman and Kuwait)

Dec 11, 2018


Surviving the Holidays

Dec 09, 2018


From the Talent Incubator - Kommunity

Dec 03, 2018


Stress Management 101

Nov 21, 2018


What does a great body need?

Nov 21, 2018


Who are we?

Nov 21, 2018


What makes a good Coach?

Nov 21, 2018


Kuwait's Battle of the East Review

Nov 21, 2018


Meg, Liam and Mahdi Discuss Dieting, Keto, Taking the First steps to Choosing the Right Diet for you, Gut health for a better life

Nov 20, 2018


Managing Motivation, First steps to the gym, Tips to get going and more

Nov 20, 2018


We love to love-hate CrossFit

Nov 19, 2018