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The Early Night Show with Joshua Turchin - Virtual Edition



The Early Night Show with Joshua Turchin goes virtual! Joshua Turchin (Forbidden Broadway, Trevor, The Perfect Fit) enjoys watching late night television, but doesn’t stay up late because… well, he’s still a kid. His love for late-night television inspired him to create "The Early Night Show" to bring a variety show of Broadway guests, comedy and original music to audiences of all ages. Originally a hit live cabaret series at the premiere NYC spot, The Green Room 42, Turchin was inspired to make the show virtual in the post-coronavirus world to raise awareness and support for The Actors Fund to help the thousands of people in the entertainment industry who found themselves suddenly out of work. Like many, Turchin was in rehearsal for the upcoming Off-Broadway musical, Trevor the Musical, when the show was put on pause due to the Broadway shutdown. Season 2 begins the Podcast edition on April 20, 2020. We're excited to share the previous web-series version as Season 1 with enhanced audio for podcasts. ​"You don't get more emergent than Joshua Turchin." - The New York Times

S2 Ep3 - Sydney Chan, Emily Jewel Hoder, Amanda Kopelman

Apr 24, 2020


S2 Ep2 - Caroline Basu and Emily Zimmerman

Apr 22, 2020


S2 Ep1 - Carly Gendell, Luke Islam, Grace DeAmicis, Mira and Maya Levinson

Apr 20, 2020


S1 Ep15 - Makayla Connolly and Luke Naphat

Apr 17, 2020


S1 Ep14 - Gabe Amoroso and Carly Post

Apr 15, 2020


S1 Ep13 - Eleanor Koski, Christian Harmston, and Alex Vacchiano

Apr 13, 2020


S1 Ep12 - Fallyn and Noah Baird

Apr 10, 2020


S1 Ep11 - Tori & Hayley Feinstein, Daniel Dunlow, and Addison Valentino

Apr 08, 2020


S1 Ep10 - Lily Brooks O'Briant, Alexa Lasanta, and Kyla Carter

Apr 06, 2020


S1 Ep9 - Lily Tamburo, Anya Jimenez, and Madeleine Pace

Apr 04, 2020


S1 Ep8 - Audrey Bennett and Jaiden Klein

Apr 02, 2020


S1 Ep7 - Kaylin Hedges, Avelina Sanchez, Kaileigh Fiorillo

Mar 31, 2020


S1 Ep6 - Carly Gold, Jake Miller, Madison Lagares, Nick Valle

Mar 27, 2020


S1 Ep5 - Ava Ulloa, Swayam Bhatia, Brody Bett

Mar 25, 2020


S1 Ep4 - Sami Bray, Lily Brooks O'Briant, Alyssa Marvin

Mar 23, 2020


S1 Ep3 - Fabi Aguirre, Grace DeAmicis and Olivia DeAmicis

Mar 20, 2020


S1 Ep2 - Chloe Bryan and Bonale Fambrini

Mar 18, 2020


S1 Ep1 - Luke Islam and Carly Gendell

Mar 16, 2020