Moriah Kofsky


Religion & Spirituality


Every person has a calling, but far too many of us are not in alignment with what we are called to do. Our culture coerces us to play it safe, trade courage for pragmatism, and limit the possibilities of who we can be. What does it cost the individual and collective to accept a culture that profits when we abandon our purpose? The host of Called, Moriah Kofsky, believes it costs a lot. Join her as she sees what it takes to uncover and follow a calling (and what is at stake if we don’t) in speaking with those who have dedicated their lives to answering the call.

6: Ungifted and Self-Actualized with Scott Barry Kaufman + Moriah’s Shame Story!

May 14, 2020


5: Inner Peace for World Peace with Rev Briana Lynn

Apr 27, 2020


4: Holding Space in Liminal Spaces with the Philly Death Doula Collective

Apr 13, 2020


3: Becoming a Glassblower with Alexander Rosenberg

Apr 06, 2020


2: From Healer in Hiding to Animal Communicator with Keao

Mar 30, 2020


1: Merging Psychology and Mysticism using Tarot with Jessica Dore

Mar 23, 2020


0: Who Am I And What Is This Show

Mar 19, 2020


Called Trailer

Mar 09, 2020